Have you Heard!?


"I recently had the opportunity to see the band Heart in nearby New Lenox, Illinois. I went hoping to see a dynamic performance, and they did not disappoint. But the real thrill of the evening came before Heart ever took the stage."

-Scott "Dr. Music" Itter of Positively Naperville's review of GGB Opening for Heart


"Gina Glocksen Band / GGB - GGB should stand for 'Get Gina Back.' Definitely one of the biggest draws I’ve seen here.  The show bar was busy from 8:30 until 12:15 Nice people, easy to work with.  In between sets Gina made her way through the crowd to take pictures with fans.  This was the first band I worked with that had the audience demanding an encore."

-Event Coordinator at Grand Victoria Hotel & Casino.



"I had the privilege of having the Gina Glocksen Band at my wedding earlier in July 2015. I have seen them several times before, (including once at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding) and am always blown away by their performances! Their energy, talent, and entertainment are just a few of many reasons why I chose them. After signing a contract for them to sing at my wedding, I worked with their manager and guitarist, Kyle Gansel. He was so great to work with! We would talk on the phone once every couple of months, and then more frequently as we got closer to the date. I loved the input and suggestions he gave! Especially because this was my first wedding! One thing that I really liked was that he took the time to get to know me and the type of audience that was going to be at the wedding. They were able to tailor the music so that everyone would enjoy! Another thing I really liked were the special requests that they were willing to learn in order to make my day special! The band is so talented, and Gina was such an amazing singer! I even thought she sang some of the songs better than the singers themselves! :)"

I think the thing that I most enjoyed about that night was how much fun the band was having! They were always laughing and smiling! And really got into the songs they were singing! (especially, TNT!)

At our wedding we had a big group of people from out of state (Texas)…. they are all STILL talking about GBB and how amazing they are! GBB inspired a couple of our friends who are getting married next year to have a band at their wedding because of how fun it was! It really does make a huge difference! 


Currently I live out of state, but if I was in Illinois, I would most definitely come to more shows! 

I love your band! I know you guys are going to do great things! 

Thank you for making my wedding day so special and fun!